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Our company's newest generation of Bluetooth headphones. These state of the art headphones are wireless and can be used for Playstation, Xbox, Pc, as well as mobile devices.

Shell Mouse

The Shell mouse is yet again, state of the art. This gaming mouse contains 11 mouse buttons, and is used by pro gamers all around the world. 


Our primary product, the K-Bud, have been rated the best earbuds in the U.S, and on top of that do not tangle!!! Buy these stress free, time-saving earbuds now for only $25

About Us

Knotaullus, the future of your listening experience.



      Knotaullus' purpose is to ensure that your listening experience doesn't start with stress, struggle, and anger. We ensure that every time you pull out your headphones or earbuds, they don't tangle up. Compatible with both iOS and Android, our products will be sure to amaze all!

      Our other products enhance the ability to perform while using technology. We offer a range of products, from headphones and phone cases to hover boards and computer monitors! All these products are the latest of their kind, with State of the Art technology throughout. Whether in want of toys or accessories, or need of essential office supplies, Knotaullus has it.








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Corporate Deals

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Corporate deals allow for both companies to benefit. They make it possible for both marketing and office supply prices to go down. This transaction is business to business. We provide your office supplies AND you get your logo on our website! What's there to lose???
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Our Corporate Deals



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